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Property Management Services
John Ward Realty have long been market leaders in property management in our area. During this time we have specialised in property management offering a large range of services to our many respected landlords. There are many reasons why John Ward Prestige Realty should manage your investment property. We can advise on current rentals for your property type and area and set a rental rate to give you the greatest return on your investment. We take the hassles out of managing your property. 

We offer services in:-


  • Commercial leasing and management.

  • Residential leasing and Management

  • Tenant applications, assessment and approval

  • Management of tenant, maintenance on property and communication to landlord

  • Repairs and Maintenance on property

  • 6 monthly inspections of property

  • Electronic statements and accounting

  • Direct transfer of received monies to landlord each month


A professional property manager will mitigate investment risks, for the Landlord, regarding managing the property. Some of the many benefits that dedicated property managers provide include:

  • Timely repair and regular maintenance

  • A manager will ensure your property is maintained regularly and kept attractive for new tenants. Repair, restoration and maintenance tasks will be carried out promptly to help increase the value of your property

  • Attracting new tenants

  • A manager can help you market and advertise the property better to attract prospective tenants. He or she will be present at all open house inspections as your representatives and help you secure tenants with good renting history.

  • Managing relationships

  • A manager will be able to resolve conflicts faster and better, because of the overall involvement in overseeing the property. Cordial relationships and constant contact between the tenants and your manager will also help make the business relationship more profitable and risk free.

  • Compliance with state laws and audit requirements

It’s the job of the property manager to stay up to date with the latest in state and federal investment laws and regulations. Further, your property manager will know the local movement of rental prices and trends in your area, allowing the most efficient marketing and pricing for your property to be effectively and efficiently leased out in a timely manner.


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